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Nice & hot witch game! + 5 stars

ninjamuffin99 responds:

game makin is EASY

Finally the deluxe! :3
BTW; I've seen that is hotter, sexier & also extra thicc, and i see you add new characters and which it makes me fap, lol.

Nice knowing you had a nice touch on this game & excellent work there! :3

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Thank u very much ivo!!!!

It's also fun to play this game tho, but i'd like this game but even if i click to jump and the game also starts? it reminds me Sonic Runners, or Geometry Dash or something, BTW, it's a really swell game.

This game looks awesome, it reminds me Arkanoid back in the 80s, but i also love this game, and i might enjoy it somehow tho.

ArthurBOliveira responds:

Thank you very much! Hope you have fun

looks nice (but little bit.)

It looks pretty rad to me for the pixelated game, as so the boss.

PixelatedPart responds:

Thanks ^^

I'm have to say, you didn't make this game but it's been exists from the other gaming websites made by someone else, and somehow...
You kinda kept stealing and submitting games on this site over and over again...

Can everything being changed?

Two examples...
1. It doesn't work through this game
2. Preloader failed multiple times.
You might need to fix that.

This is quite nice and sexy, i mean i'm a little shocked about this game, needs a little more parts i can see, and the button at the ending, the text (again? btn)... everytime i move my mouse across the text, maybe need to fix that, and so it's all i have to say.

I'll give it 3 stars.

But, i seen RGP's review that did i hid the logo?
(Of course not) but even i did hid somewhere could be found, but i wouldn't do anything in this game but you hid my logo on the credit on the FroggywithFries icon.

You could of just add Inspiration or a Beta Tester for me and oddlem in this game without being an additional artist.

so dude, i'm not being rude or anything abusive like this, but it's just me wouldn't do anything as an Additional Art, but next time, don't even hid my stuff on the secret box or someplace elsewhere.

But i appreciate that you add me on the additional art. :3

Hi, I'm IVOanimations and i'm an 2D Animator & Artist for past few years, and some talented artists like me can do some projects, and collabs, and many people calls me IVO but i call myself IVOalzu.


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