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Star vs. The Forces of Evil is over.

Posted by IVOanimations - May 19th, 2019

Hey guys it's IVO, and i just wanted to say that today is the ending of the series of Star vs. The Forces of Evil and i've seen the full episode on DisneyNOW like earlier at 3AM, so... i was still up on discord and after i got episode released i have a video of the series finale, and it's on MEGA and i'll show you the link soon, and well... it seemed awkward if it's dark and evil but no, there were heroes who stopped the magic and everything was back to normal before there was a secret portal and where Mewni came to Earth which as a dream, and i was a little nervous about the finale before i watched it, it reminds me something that's back from the past, and i wanted to say it because i have a reaction.

So here's a long reaction of the series finale. 

Star had a plan to destroy the magic to defeat Mina and her army, and Marco joins in but after they came to realm of magic and which i see it, star tried the whispering spell but she can't really do it alone as she can, but Queen moon and Eclipsa helps out also, and the scene where Marco sees Tom possessed & riding a Dark Unicorn but he had a way to bring him back to normal which as the pudding "just to snap the hell out of him." and the worse is marco was stabbed after putting a pudding in Tom's mouth, and meanwhile Star, Queen Moon, and Eclipsa (and Baby Meteora), keeps saying the whispering spells and the best part is the Ghost Queens appears and it was really creepy with their eyes glowing, and the Darkness were coming for them before Marco and Tom showed up, so after they came, they successfully killed the magic but if Star would've stayed with Marco she would travel to their dimension with him but even they're alone they had their final powers which it's glowing between them to get back to their own dimension, and that was a tough adventure for them, but when Star came back to Mewni, Queen Moon was ther "so as Eclipsa and Meteora", and Globgor was back to normal when he got his pain wore off and ALSO they see Mina with a Decomposed Unicorn and that was too creepy and so Star realized that she destroyed the magic there was no portal around everywhere, but Tom looked for Star to show her there's a Secret Portal, and from earth "where Britta's Tacos got destoryed" Marco keep saying he got stabbed by a Unicorn but he wasn't any pain before he returned to his dimension and it was stupid too, so Jenna showed up too and she's kinda in pain "uuhhhhh.... i think?", and so Marco saw the Secret Portal as also and Star was on it too but after Marco tried to get to the portal "so as Star", the portal disappeared and they brought Mewni to earth and it was a dream world too and the best ending scene is Star and Marco "more like Starco", and their in a perfect couple with each other and that as a best episode finale it was ever aired.

And i was not that happy about the last episode, it's more like Samurai Jack or Sonic X, but if Star would've destoryed the magic in the first place she had other ways, but i'm okay with magic if it was real, and if i had a spell book it will be perfect for me too see and so i love this show so much and it felt like the future, and this is where we keep moving forward to our lives where it's something dreams comes true, and which i know it i love the world and the magic.

Welp i think that's that! i'll see ya later and have a G'day mate!

~Nano Sico (IVOanimations)



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Oh man, i haven't heard,of sonic x in a while