Entry #117


2018-03-11 13:44:57 by IVOanimations

Ok, few other months ago, i was keep on making logos, so i didn't keeping on staying like that and so my current logo is like kinda... i dunno suck? So anyway i'm taking request for a new logo, so i have to say i need a new logo by important artists like they make their own collabs and projects they do on Newgrounds, I'm talking like my name is like "IVOanimations" but so i need a new logo and so i don't need to use my other logos i gonna use for animations and my frontpages, so if you agree to do, plz send me an email or pm me that you already done a logo for me so i'm not using crappy logos for me cuz i don't want to be too pissed off to be a dick right now, so i'm talking best quality, best colors, best text with lines like JSRF, and best skills that the graphic designers like Ryan Kelso did and wish you can teach me and also i can't do it on my own, so i might as help sometimes, and wish you agree and so if you do not agree, then i'll find someone else i can get request to make my logo.

And those are it, so have a nice day y'all.


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2018-03-11 15:47:29

You're a 23 year old open racist and draw yourself in blackface on your twitter, and now you want a free logo. lol take a hike


2018-03-11 16:12:31

The person above deserves a raise.


2018-03-11 16:33:41

what heart of the storm said


2018-03-11 16:55:53



2018-03-12 20:02:04

Can't believe HeatOfTheStorm called me a blackface! >:(


2018-03-13 08:39:34

Sounds interesting. :) If you don't get any offers feel free to send me a message, I freelance with stuff like this for a living, could do this pretty cheap, or for a trade maybe.