Entry #113

Thinking of making my website

2017-12-17 21:04:43 by IVOanimations

In 2015, i created a website and i had a life within the illusion movement and i might of changed it and right now i'll change it back up now and have my new website and i have to update a website and forum, yeah... i was about 21 through 22 years old but i'm kind of stupid about it since i was going to make my own stuff while back and because of that i've doing too many sites that i've haven't done but i'm not about to waste my entire time starting now.

I'm think im bout to do Wix "It's a website builder when it's easy to make but if you want to put on domain, you can be a premium and buy to make ads or logo disappear and like that." it's easy for me to make and i'll give it a try on it.

It's gonna take me months to make a website... because i have to add pages, arts, animations, and other stuff i have and some how i can put affiliates to get avaliable sites on my stuff and my old times that i was about to do on time but i'm not kind of stupid or retarded and i helped a lot of people, and just then i'm planning to get my life on track in 2018, and somewhat i bout to be a pro

just keep an eye on the website very soon!


-Nano Sico (IvoAluminum)


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