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Haii! it's ya boi IVO, and i'm a 2D Animator/Artist & i make illustrations in these days, and it's where i can do digital artworks in someplace elsewhere, and i can do animations too, just because i love to do some cartoons, projects, and collabs.


Nano Sico @IVOanimations

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IVOanimations's News

Posted by IVOanimations - January 1st, 2019

Hello everyone! This is IVO ya know, and i'm wishing y'all happy new year and it's the beginning of 2019 (to the future!), and i'd like to say, thank you so much for your support of my works, and my anims, and i really appreciate y'all and my friends, and mutuals! and all of you, hope you have a good new year celebration!
and also more announcements, I'm opening The Evolution MV MAP (The Ayumi Hamasaki Collab), and it's gonna be a big collab for all of you and they're 24 slots opened, and four of them were taken by me because i'm doing the part for the intro, two other parts that will include the characters from tainted legacy, and the ending because i'm doing a final part like others do, i need 24 animators in order to get in the MAP Project, and the track is splitted into two pieces of one single part, and it will be given out to the animators on board but especially same as the reanimation projects, MAPs on youtube, and Locklegion and they had their best talented MV Collabs in each of the project and this one will be more but it will be stay tuned for it though.

If you're interested in joining the MAP, fill out the google form, so i can send an email to you and you can be the part of the collab.


Official Twitter Link:

Good luck and Happy New Year 2019!



Posted by IVOanimations - December 25th, 2018

So at the beginning of 2019, i will be hosting a MV MAP and it's gonna be a big collab but as you're considering of the collab that i am organizing will be awesome but i will put out the music i will choose from early 2000s in japan and the music is performed by ayumi hamasaki, and i'm a fan of ayumi so i will pick a song from the album: I Am... (by Ayumi Hamasaki), and the song i will choose out of this album was released from summer 2001, and it's the J-pop genre, and i hope you guys love it and hopefully you'll join my collab as also, but i will announce the collab at January 1, 2019 (New Years Day), and it will have informations, rules/guidelines, etc. and also it includes google forms, so you can fill the form as so you can apply for the collab (just like the reanimation project stuff and all.), and you'll receive an acception and you'll make your collab part.

The song of the MV MAP will be including... Evolution "Original Mix"!

Here's a full song:

So... hope you stay tuned, and i'll see y'all later!


Posted by IVOanimations - December 11th, 2018


i decided to open commissions so i'll be putting it on the journal so imma open up commissions "forever" now, well... i kinda got my first commission from TJackKnife, so i'm thinking that before, i can open commissions for everyone to be welcome for, and so i really appreciate that, so i hope anyone commish me, maybe... anyway... if you want commissions, read the rules/guidelines in order i can do your commission for your but i can accept it if i want to but i have the right to deny.

1) You can be a watcher if you'd like :3
2) For online commissions, I only accept PayPal, or points (on deviantART)
3) I can draw in a cartoony style or semi-anime style, but not a fully anime or realistic style.
4) I have the right to deny the commish to draw anything that i will NOT draw.
5) I can accept movie/video-game/cartoon character commissions, as long they're not recolored and shit.
6) I can accept Anime OVA/TV Series characters, as long as they're not overly complicated.
7) First come, First serve!
8) You can share the journal in your status/journal/poll (if it's okay with you.)
9) If you have any questions, please DM me.
10) Don't fucking rush me! (i hate that...)
11) My watermark will be on your commission but DON'T remove it.
12) DON'T be offended or mad if i don't choose yours.
13) If you want to use my artwork, please credit me! (don't be afraid) 
14) I will upload your commission here and my other pages. (NSFW is welcome)
15) I will do a album cover commission (ask me please!)

- OCs
- Fan Arts
- NSFW (like Nudity/Hentai/Porn)
- Fetishes (farts and bondage only)
- Fan Character (if you have one.)
- Underwater Stuff (cuz i feel like drawing those, maybe...)
- Anthros (I'm comfortable drawing those)
- Comic (no more than 4 panels)
- Demons (I ONLY draw "Shadow Demons" like 2Dark & ELSpurgo (Aggrotard) demon style.)
- Blood/Gore/Guts

- Inflations (Boob inflations is okay if you want.)
- Vore (I don't think that's okay with me, i don't know...)
- Futa (I don't draw female with dicks.)
- Scat (I don't draw shit/poop)
- Robots
- Aliens
- Vehicles
- Animals (because i suck at them...)

and also I DO NOT DO REFUNDS... so don't ask for money back...

-ICON - $10 USD

-LOGOS - $15 USD


To commission me:: direct message me, comment down below, or email me on "stickzero@hotmail.com"

I'LL HAVE TO REMIND YOU THIS:: I may not do every commissions every day because i have a lot of animating and drawing to do in the future, but don't you worry, i'll add you on the list if i can accept it but it might take a while but I'll decide to draw them by the moment.

And that is it!!! i hope you have fun commissioning me!!!


Posted by IVOanimations - December 5th, 2018

Hello everyone, this is IVO y'all know, and i am here to announce you... SONIC X Reanimate Collab!


And by the November 17th i was planning to do an Reanimation Project with multiple people, and i thought of SONIC X Reanimate Collab that i will organize for everyone to join and i will have +300 people in this collab though!

and well... it's weird if there's Sonic X Reanimation already exists runs by Bilianna... so... What the hell ever! I had my own episode to give you!

To start off, well be animating an episode "Defective Detectives" And the episode is where a handful of creatures from Sonic's world crash into the Earth. Three of them, Vector, Espio, and Charmy, run a detective company, and were coincidentally hired to investigate Cream's mysterious disappearance long ago. They become suspicious that Sonic is responsible for her disappearance, but later discover the misunderstanding, and Cream is reuinted with her mother. Meanwhile, Eggman strikes a deal with the President and rebuilds the moon...

For anyone interested in participating in this collab, Check out the Google Doc below, where you can find out more info about the collab, the rules/guidelines listed, and how to send in an application to be a part of the collaboration.

And also... the deadline will be added soon until all the scene has been claimed.

Aaaaaand.... that's all about it! If you have any questions, please DM or Email me on stickzero@hotmail.com or sonicxreanimatecollab@gmail.com OR you can either send a message to me on twitter or my discord (IVOanimations#7313)
Anyways, good luck and have fun!

And also here’s the Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SONICXReanimate



Posted by IVOanimations - November 21st, 2018

welcome all of you tumblr artists to newgrounds, it's nice metting y'all! I know y'all's NSFW accounts got terminated for many reasons, but i'm so glad that you came here but even if your account was gone you should try like FurAffinity or Newgrounds or whatever... so i've seen y'all's NSFW Artworks and i like to give you 5 stars, hugs & kisses for your fellow NSFW Artists and your fans of hentai/porn, anyways it's nice metting you and i hopefully you post your works through NG and FurAffinity or whatever sites you can post, and get frontpaged in each works in all, and i'll see you there! G'day mates.

-Nano Sico (IVOanimations)


Posted by IVOanimations - November 17th, 2018

Hey guys, i'm just posting this news post that i wanted to do something in my life like a collaboration and shaking a little tell, and i want to do some reanimation project like other people do from Newgrounds and Youtube as also, and i want to do an Sonic Reanimate Collab but similar to other Sonic Reanimation Projects that are still running but i'm thinking Sonic X though, and i can split the audio to the episode and give to the animators but i have to announce it soon but i needed to do some big projects i want to do in the future and everyone will be welcome and it will be first come, first serve.

OH and i can do the promotion of the reanimation collab and i can do the best i could to do the project and stuff and OH i can do it from the Newgrounds Project too! and it maybe okay with me though... so i need a lot of people to join in so i have to promote it....

so Sonic X Reanimate Collab it is! and i'mma run/organize the collab in the future so i hope you stay tuned for the announcement and the application!

and that's it! if you have any questions, please comment down below.

Posted by IVOanimations - September 7th, 2018

Hi, it's me IVO "again".... so for my last two server wasn't going active and update but there's some problems with my channels so i came up with my new server and i know how to fix my channels so people don't complain about this mess so, I made my new and updated server that is active and it's "IVO's OpenHub", and yeah... added a couple of my friends there and some people join in and i added some moderators there that they're responsible to do that but i know how i know someone to mod :3 and also this server is kinda quite and stuff but some new stuff going on, but i can tell y'all, it's very entertainment there with all the artworks and announcements and self promotions and all kind of stuff that is in that server so it's pretty fun there, so i can tell that too. well... i'mma have to put a link to it in order to join my server if interested so i know everybody tho :3


enjoy! and have fun!

Posted by IVOanimations - July 16th, 2018

Hello! it's yo boi IVO, so i want to do some Art-Collab for everyone, and so about this, everyone runs many collab so i decided to do an Art-Collaboration where the artists collaborate from the projects in each days, but i want to do a Video Game related Collab, and i’m thinking of Splatoon, so everyone is welcome, but you can send your entries to splatoonartcollab@gmail.com or DM me, and you can submit your entries on social medias, OH, and one more thing, uh… the deadline is gonna be around spring or summer 2019, so i hope your lucky, and that’s it! so good luck!

If you want to be in this collab, read the guidelines in google docs:

here's an Offical Twitter link:

and also Tumblr link too:

And also a discord server too:


Posted by IVOanimations - July 2nd, 2018

Well i'm thinking of doing refsheet over a weekend and i added two of my characters "StickBlue and Ovina" on my profile, and well i have to add more of my characters in this, and so maybe i'll add a couple of my characters, and that will be nice if i'm interested, and well that's what i have to do in the future...

Oh and here's my refsheet.net profile if you'd like to see:


Posted by IVOanimations - June 13th, 2018

I'm selling my wallpapers on gumroad but if anyone's interested in buying this you can view add it on to your desktop wallpaper, but they're copyrighted by me, so i must warn you not to publish on other sites something like it, tho

also there's 11 wallpapers on files in gumroad, and also here's a banner of 4 wallpapers previews, but it's blury tho, so whatever, so here's the link to it.