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Hi, I'm IVOanimations and i'm an 2D Animator & Artist for past few years, and some talented artists like me can do some projects, and collabs, and many people calls me IVO but i call myself IVOalzu.

Nano Sico @IVOanimations

25, Male

2D Animator/Artist

A Semi-Anime/Chibi fan

Location not disclosed :D

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Hello everyone! so i'm making an update on Tainted Legacy and my arts/projects of the future and in 2020 i will do more of the stuff i'm productive of and moving on to new treasures and fortunes.

Tainted Legacy will be a WEBTOON Canvas, cuz i'm not doing original because i'm not making every episodes for the series, i'm just gonna make it a canvas cuz i'm doing a mini-comic for the series since i haven't done comic stuff for a long time so in the future i will draw each of the comics if i can as possible, and also the first comic of TL will be on February 2020, and i hope you keep and eye on, and thank you for your patients! ^^

- I'll be making a new character for SVTFOE which in alternative universe for the series and i was gonna make my oc magical like the liquid & water magic so i call her Fluid "Diaz" Butterfly which she's a water princess who's from mewni and she's cute & cool, and she is obsessed fan of "Sonic The Hedgehog" (apparently... but from another universe i guess), and also i have some personal information of her that she has brown hair, a mole, fish cheekmark, a sea foam uniform, and a bubble wand, and yeah that's pretty much it, so i'll have to make a reference of her as possible as i can.

- I will do a Switch-Around soon so i'll have to find two artists to collaborate with me but i'll have to make two slots in order to find and accept, but whenever they're ready i will send a file & it's gonna take a lot if sketching, line tracing, and coloring, but i'm ready when you are. :)

- I'm planning to host Collab for the future and if it's possible, but i'll have some information, examples, and deadlines and also i need most of the animators or artists for the collab but it's gonna be a big collab for everyone, but i have to schedule what time of the day, what we gonna do it, when to do it. So i'll set-up all the stuff for the collab whenever you're ready for, and it'll all be prepared so i very hope you're patient for this! ^^

So hope y'all understand and i will do plenty of stuff soon and focusing on illustrations and future animations. (especially advent calendar 2019, but will be working on it :3)

+ my supporter membership got expired so wtf.

anyways, see ya next time!~



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Added to bosses for Cathode Raybots Jun 4, 2016.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Jun 4, 2016.


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All prices are in USD (points are accepted)

I updated my commission sheet "again", and i like to do some a little art commission if ya want to commish me. :3

It's always open! :3

here are the guides again:

1) First come, First serve!

2) For online commissions, I accept PayPal & points

3) I can draw in a cartoony style or semi-anime style, but not a fully anime or realistic style.

4) I have the right to deny the commish to draw anything that i will NOT draw.

5) I can accept movie/video-game/cartoon character commissions, as long they're not recolored and shit.

6) I can accept Anime OVA/TV Series characters, as long as they're not overly complicated.

7) Do not claim the artwork as yours. (That cause stealing, please don't.)

8) Don't fucking rush me! (i hate that...)

9) My watermark will be on your commission but DON'T remove it.

10) DON'T be offended or mad if i don't choose yours.

11) If you want to use my artwork, please credit me! (don't be afraid)

12) I will upload your commission here and my other pages. (NSFW is welcome)

13) I will do a album cover commission (ask me please!)

14) If you have any questions, please DM me.

Here are some alternative prices:



-ICON - USD $10


PayPal email: stickzero@hotmail.com